The Future of Otherside: A Look into the Exciting Partnership with Improbable

The Future of Otherside: A Look into the Exciting Partnership with Improbable

At a recent Town Hall meeting at Otherside, a groundbreaking announcement was made regarding a partnership between Yuga Labs and Improbable, a leading technology company in virtual world infrastructure development. This collaboration will see Otherside migrate onto Improbable’s MSquared network, sparking enthusiasm within the community for the potential advantages it could bring. Otherside is a metaverse designed by Yuga Labs, the creators of the renowned NFT collection Bored Ape Yacht Club. With a community of Voyagers eagerly anticipating the metaverse’s launch, the migration to MSquared opens up endless possibilities for both players and developers alike.

One of the key highlights of this partnership is the introduction of MSquared, a suite of powerful tools tailored to help developers construct vast and interconnected metaverses. Leveraging a technology known as Morpheus, MSquared specializes in managing large-scale simulations with thousands of players engaging in shared virtual spaces. In essence, MSquared offers the necessary infrastructure and technology needed to build expansive and connected virtual worlds, setting the stage for Otherside to thrive in a dynamic environment.

As Otherside prepares to make the transition to Improbable’s MSquared network, an array of potential benefits awaits the community. With the robust infrastructure provided by Improbable, the metaverse is poised to accommodate a substantial number of players seamlessly, ensuring a lag-free and technically sound experience for all users. Moreover, the prospect of interconnected metaverses through MSquared presents a unique opportunity for Otherside to connect and engage with other virtual worlds utilizing the same technology. This interconnectedness fosters collaboration, trading, and cross-platform experiences within the Otherside community, enriching the overall virtual landscape.

The migration to MSquared signifies just the beginning of Otherside’s evolution. Yuga Labs has announced plans for a major multiplayer event scheduled for July, offering players a preview of the metaverse’s potential. Additionally, the release of a World Builder ODK (Open Development Kit) will empower Voyagers with the tools and resources needed to craft their own distinct experiences within the metaverse. This initiative not only encourages community involvement but also promotes growth and innovation within Otherside.

The partnership between Yuga Labs and Improbable marks an exciting milestone for Otherside and its dedicated community. With the transition to MSquared, the metaverse’s horizons have expanded significantly, showcasing scalability, interoperability, and new avenues for exploration and creation. As more details about Otherside emerge through upcoming events and releases, the metaverse stands poised for a bright and promising future ahead.


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