Unlocking New Possibilities in Web3 Gaming: A Partnership Between Verasity and Creo Engine

Unlocking New Possibilities in Web3 Gaming: A Partnership Between Verasity and Creo Engine

Verasity, a leading ad-tech company, has recently revealed a groundbreaking partnership with Creo Engine, a fast-growing web3 gaming platform. This collaboration aims to revolutionize the gaming industry by integrating VeraViews’ video player capabilities and in-game rewards into Creo Play’s diverse gaming library. With Verasity’s CEO, RJ Mark, highlighting this partnership as the first step towards advancing the adoption of VeraViews in the blockchain space, there is a lot of anticipation surrounding the potential impact of this new venture.

Creo Engine serves as a web3 gaming ecosystem that aspires to underpin Asia’s digital entertainment landscape while empowering financial growth. By leveraging blockchain technology, the platform ensures a secure and robust environment, fostering financial well-being within the mobile gaming sector and opening up innovative avenues for both creators and users to earn rewards. Creo Play, a specialized platform offered by Creo Engine, acts as a hub for developers to seamlessly integrate digital products and games, thereby creating a cohesive metaverse built on genuine interoperability.

The partnership between Verasity and Creo Engine brings forth exciting opportunities, including the integration of Rewarded Video technology and a dedicated video section within the Creo Play App. This additional feature will grant users access to tournaments, exclusive content, and game replays, enriching their overall gaming experience. With over thirty web3-based games already in development on the Creo Engine, the platform is poised to explore new revenue streams through contextual advertising made possible by VeraView’s ad server, which connects with major ad networks such as Google Ads, Amazon Ads, and Pubmatic.

As a result of this collaboration, Verasity will have the chance to promote its VeraViews video player environment to a broader audience within the web3 gaming community, elevating the global gaming experience. This strategic partnership follows Verasity’s recent endeavors, including the launch of VeraAds in November 2023. The VeraAds platform applies VeraView’s advertising features specifically to blockchain brands, demonstrating the company’s commitment to innovation in the ad-tech sector. Furthermore, Verasity made headlines by burning 50% of its total token supply in the previous month, showcasing a dedication to optimizing token economics and value for its community.

The partnership between Verasity and Creo Engine represents a significant advancement in the web3 gaming landscape, promising enhanced user experiences, innovative advertising solutions, and a unified gaming metaverse. As both companies continue to push the boundaries of technology and collaboration, the future of web3 gaming looks brighter than ever before.


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