DappRadar Expands Listings to Include Oasys Games and DApps

DappRadar Expands Listings to Include Oasys Games and DApps

DappRadar, a well-established platform for providing insights into decentralized applications (dapps), has recently expanded its scope to include games and decentralized applications from the Oasys blockchain. This move allows users to not only list and monitor dapps within the Oasys ecosystem but also provides deeper insights into these applications through project pages. By incorporating Oasys dapps into its listings, DappRadar aims to enhance the exposure of these applications within the blockchain community.

The integration of Oasys games and dapps into DappRadar’s platform offers several advantages for both users and developers. Visitors to DappRadar can now explore a diverse range of Oasys dapps using the platform’s Rankings feature. This feature allows users to discover new games and applications within the Oasys ecosystem, creating opportunities for engagement and interaction. Additionally, the project pages provide users with deeper insights into individual games and applications, enabling them to make informed decisions about which ones to explore further.

For developers in the Oasys ecosystem, the integration with DappRadar brings added benefits. They can now submit their ongoing and future dapp projects to DappRadar at no cost. This means that developers can tap into DappRadar’s extensive reach and user-friendly interface to expand their user audience and gain more exposure for their projects. The inclusion of Oasys dapps on DappRadar is a significant step in promoting the diverse environment of the Oasys blockchain and establishing it as a prominent player in the global blockchain gaming sector.

The Oasys ecosystem hosts a wide array of gaming projects, all integrated into DappRadar’s rankings. Among these projects are popular games like OasChoice, a quiz game, Chain Colosseum Phoenix, an RPG with Game-Fi elements, and Chain Arena, an Idle-RPG crossover. The versatility of the Oasys platform is showcased through innovative applications such as GOGA, a web3 education protocol, and SingSing, a karaoke app. These games and applications have already achieved significant rankings in the Games category’s seven-day ranking, with Chain Colosseum Phoenix and OasChoice leading the way.

Oasys is specifically tailored for gaming and aims to set a new standard in Web3 gaming by ensuring gamers experience real value. The platform has forged partnerships with gaming leaders such as SEGA, Nexon, Square Enix, Ubisoft, and Netmarble, further demonstrating its commitment to providing top-notch gaming experiences. Oasys operates on a dual-layer system, consisting of the Hub Layer for network stability and scalability, and the Verse Layer for customization and flexibility. This technical structure enables the creation and operation of diverse dapps within the Oasys ecosystem.

The incorporation of Oasys games and dapps into DappRadar’s listings is a significant development for both platforms. Users now have access to a broader range of games and applications within the Oasys ecosystem, thanks to DappRadar’s user-friendly interface and extensive reach. Developers, on the other hand, can leverage DappRadar’s distribution network to expand their user audience and increase the exposure of their projects. As a result, Oasys is poised to become an even more prominent player in the global blockchain gaming sector. This integration highlights the versatility and potential of decentralized applications on the Oasys blockchain, presenting new and unique experiences for gamers and blockchain enthusiasts alike.


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