Ethereum Gains Momentum as Market Sentiments Turn Bullish

Ethereum Gains Momentum as Market Sentiments Turn Bullish

The current sentiment surrounding Ethereum is undeniably bullish, as the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap has been gaining dominance against Bitcoin. This surge in Ethereum’s dominance is not only significant in itself but also has the potential to usher in the altcoin season, according to crypto analyst Jaydee. This shift in market dynamics has caught the attention of many analysts and traders, leading to various bullish predictions for Ethereum’s price.

Crypto analyst Ali Martinez recently pointed out that Ethereum has broken out from an ascending triangle pattern on the weekly chart. According to Martinez, this breakout indicates that Ethereum has set its sights on reaching the $3,400 price level, despite short-term volatility. Another crypto analyst, Mayne, shares this belief and considers $3,400 to be a viable target for Ethereum’s price. Moreover, Mayne suggests that along with Ethereum, so-called “ETH betas” such as tokens from Ethereum’s layer-2 networks Optimism and Arbitrum could also experience significant price surges.

Adding to the bullish sentiment, crypto analyst Ash Crypto mentions that money is currently flowing from Bitcoin to Ethereum. Based on this observation, he predicts that it won’t be long before Ethereum trades above $3,200. This aligns with the consensus among analysts who expect Ethereum to surpass the $3,000 price level. In the past, Michaël van de Poppe, the CEO and founder of MN Trading, had already suggested that Ethereum would rise above $3,000 on its way to reaching $3,500. Poppe even specified that this prediction could materialize as early as the first quarter of 2024.

Several analysts have identified the $2,400 price range as a crucial support level for Ethereum. ColdBloodedShill, a crypto analyst, recently stated in a post that Ethereum is likely preparing for higher prices as long as it remains above this level. Similarly, Bluntz Capital highlighted the significance of the $2,495 price range, emphasizing that as long as Ethereum holds above this level, an eventual breakout is expected.

Market intelligence platform Santiment has provided further evidence of Ethereum’s strength and growing market dominance. The platform revealed that the number of new Ethereum addresses is on the rise, with approximately 89.4 thousand addresses being created daily. This figure represents a significant increase compared to early November when only 70.4 addresses were created per day. Additionally, Santiment noted that the supply of Ethereum on exchanges has decreased substantially to 8.10%, nearing its all-time low of 8.05% since the opening week of trading. Such a trend typically indicates that Ethereum holders are leaning towards long-term investment strategies by moving their holdings to self-custody.

Ethereum’s recent performance and market sentiments indicate a bullish outlook for the cryptocurrency. With Ethereum’s dominance on the rise, analysts and traders are confident in their predictions that the price will surpass $3,000 and potentially reach $3,400. As new addresses continue to be created and Ethereum supply on exchanges decreases, it becomes increasingly evident that Ethereum is gaining momentum and solidifying its position in the market. However, as with any investment, it is crucial for individuals to conduct their own research and understand the associated risks before making any investment decisions.


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