Exploring the New Utility Features of $LBLOCK V2 Token

Exploring the New Utility Features of $LBLOCK V2 Token

Lucky Block Casino has recently released an updated whitepaper that showcases a range of innovative utility features for their newly integrated $LBLOCK V2 token. This token operates on the Ethereum blockchain and has already begun trading on the Uniswap decentralized exchange. The market response has been tremendous, with a 23% increase in price within the first hour of trading. Currently, the token is valued at $0.00004546, according to DEXtools data.

Over the last six months, Lucky Block Casino has transformed itself from a standard casino platform to a full-fledged iGaming platform that includes a casino and sportsbook. This strategic move has catapulted the platform to the top ranks of the crypto casino world, with an impressive 200,000 monthly active users. The newly introduced $LBLOCK V2 token has gained significant traction, and the community now wagers approximately $500,000 worth of the token each month. To put this into perspective, the total wagered amount across all crypto platforms is approximately $93 million monthly.

The updated whitepaper outlines a host of new features and enhancements that make Lucky Block Casino one of the most innovative projects in the space of gamification and value return for token holders. The migration from the V1 BNB Smart Chain version to the ERC20 Ethereum V2 version has been flawlessly executed. Out of the original 100 billion $LBLOCK tokens, 45.1 billion have been burnt, leaving 49.41 billion owned by the community and 5.49 billion allocated to staking, listings, and rewards.

One notable new feature is the exclusive access to jackpots for $LBLOCK V2 token holders and Platinum Rollers Club (PRC) NFT owners. These jackpots range from $10,000 to $500,000 and are easier to win due to the smaller pool of players. Additionally, 1% of wagers contribute to the monthly jackpot pool, with the winner receiving their rewards in V2, USDT, or USDC. Staking the $LBLOCK V2 token also offers the opportunity to earn rewards, which are paid out in V2, USDT, and USDC.

Another significant development is the migration of PRC NFTs from the BSC chain to the Ethereum blockchain. As part of this migration process, Lucky Block Casino will mint new NFTs and airdrop them to existing PRC owners at no cost. The estimated cost of this migration process is around $35,000, which Lucky Block Casino will cover. Furthermore, 20% of the funds raised through the sale of NFTs will be added to the staking pool.

PRC community members will enjoy a host of exclusive benefits, including a VIP 15% cashback on LBLOCK wagering. Their PRC NFT acts as a valuable entry ticket for tournaments and jackpots, as well as unlocking lucrative loyalty and referral programs. Additionally, PRC owners will be automatically enrolled into an exclusive private club with their own VIP account manager, providing them with personalized services comparable to those offered to high rollers in traditional casinos.

Using $LBLOCK tokens comes with enticing incentives for players. Players automatically gain entry into exclusive tournaments where they can win free spins, $LBLOCK tokens, and NFTs. The loyalty program rewards users for playing with $LBLOCK V2, and there is also a referral program where participants can earn up to 15% from the house edge for every player they invite to the platform.

Paving the Way for Expansion and Growth

To support its expansion plans and upcoming CEX listings, Lucky Block Casino initially injected $200,000 worth of $LBLOCK V2 into its Uniswap liquidity pool. Today, the value of this liquidity pool stands at $324,000, paving the way for significant developments in the near future. While the current trading volume sits at a modest $70,000, it is gradually increasing as news spreads about the tradeability of $LBLOCK V2 due to the ample liquidity provision.

Negotiations are currently underway with prominent exchanges such as LBank, MEXC, and Gate.io to further enhance liquidity provision arrangements. The new team behind Lucky Block Casino remains committed to progressing and seeking strategic partnerships that will enable the use of $LBLOCK token as a gateway for third-party products and services.

The team’s relentless efforts have resulted in the successful completion of several milestones, including the bridging of V1 tokens to V2, integration of the V2 token into the casino, development of the roadmap, and the relaunch of PRC NFTs. Currently, work is in progress on the development of staking pools and a token dashboard. Mega casino jackpots for token and PRC holders are also in progress, along with increased liquidity and listings on various tier 1/2 CEXs. Additionally, Lucky Block Casino is actively seeking global partnerships within the eSports, football, and MMA/UFC industries.

$LBLOCK V2 tokens can be purchased on LBank, Gate.io, MEXC centralized exchanges, and now on Uniswap. It’s crucial for $LBLOCK V1 holders who haven’t yet claimed their bridged tokens to visit the official Lucky Block Casino website and proceed with the claim process. The V1 to V2 bridge has now closed, and for those who haven’t bridged from V1, they can sell their tokens on the Pancakeswap decentralized exchange, although liquidity may be limited and a tax applies.

Lucky Block Casino’s release of the updated whitepaper marks an exciting new era for the platform and its community. The integration of $LBLOCK V2 token brings forth a range of utility features that enhance the gamified experience for users while providing significant value to token holders. With strategic partnerships, expanded liquidity provision, and global collaborations on the horizon, Lucky Block Casino is well-positioned for continued growth and success.


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