Investors Waive Rights in Bold Move Investors Waive Rights in Bold Move, a Web3 social platform, has been making waves in the decentralized social media space. Despite a recent decline in user activity and trading volume, users are hopeful for a comeback. Speculation about an upcoming airdrop has been circulating within the community, contributing to renewed interest in the platform.

In a surprising turn of events,’s investors have decided to waive their rights to sell tokens to users, giving full control over the funds to the community. This move has been met with positivity from users, with many viewing it as a potential “redemption arc” for the project.

On-chain data reveals a significant decrease in daily user activity since’s peak last year. The platform recorded a daily transaction count of 539,810 on September 13, but has since experienced a noticeable decline in demand. Recent data shows a sharp decrease in daily transactions, indicating a challenging period for

Despite the challenges, recently received seed funding from Paradigm and entered into a partnership to develop tools for online social interactions. The funding round included “token warrants,” suggesting the potential for future asset development. Partnerships like these are crucial for’s growth and development in the competitive Web3 space.

While is making efforts to revitalize the platform and engage users through airdrops and partnerships, skepticism remains within the crypto community. Concerns have been raised about the potential for exploitation of the system and the risk of a pump-and-dump scheme. It is essential for to address these concerns and build trust within the community to ensure the long-term success of the project.’s recent announcement regarding investors waiving their rights to sell tokens is a bold move that has the potential to drive community engagement and restore confidence in the platform. Despite facing challenges and skepticism, is actively seeking opportunities for growth and development in the Web3 space. The coming months will be crucial for as it navigates its path towards recovery and sustainability in the competitive decentralized social media landscape.


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