Google Cloud Launches New Web3 Portal for Blockchain Developers

Google Cloud Launches New Web3 Portal for Blockchain Developers

Google Cloud, the cloud computing service of tech giant Google, has recently introduced a new Web3 portal designed specifically for blockchain developers. This portal is intended to offer resources and assistance to developers interested in creating non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and decentralized applications (DApps).

The Web3 portal, developed by Google Cloud, provides developers in the blockchain space with access to a variety of tools, datasets, and tutorials for the creation of NFTs and DApps. Despite some mixed reactions from the cryptocurrency community due to the absence of native Bitcoin and lightning support on the portal, Google has still made a significant effort to offer valuable resources for blockchain developers.

In addition to the launch of the Web3 portal, Google has been actively increasing its presence in the Web3 space. This includes features like the ability to search for wallet balances across multiple blockchains and revising policies to allow advertising of certain crypto products. Furthermore, Google Cloud had already integrated with MultiversX and added multiple new blockchain networks to its BigQuery data warehouse before the launch of the Web3 portal.

The launch of the Web3 portal by Google Cloud marks a significant step in the company’s expansion into the blockchain space. While some have criticized the lack of native Bitcoin support, it is clear that Google recognizes the potential of blockchain technology and is committed to supporting its growth by providing developers with the necessary tools and resources.

Google Cloud’s new Web3 portal for blockchain developers offers a wide range of valuable resources and features despite some criticism from the cryptocurrency community. With Google’s continued efforts in the blockchain space, developers can expect ongoing support and innovation to further enhance their projects in the realm of blockchain technology.


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