Is it Too Late to Buy NEAR Protocol? An Analysis of NEAR’s Recent Price Surge

Is it Too Late to Buy NEAR Protocol? An Analysis of NEAR’s Recent Price Surge

Near Protocol, a popular blockchain platform, has caught the attention of traders with its recent surge in price. With a staggering 20% increase in NEAR’s price, many are wondering if it’s too late to invest in Near Protocol. The platform has experienced exceptional growth, becoming the number one blockchain in terms of daily active users across all of Web3. This achievement is certainly exciting and demonstrates Near Protocol’s rising popularity in the decentralized finance space.

NEAR protocol’s price surge is also supported by its impressive active user growth, which has soared by 132% over the past three months. Currently trading at a market price of $3.48, NEAR’s price has shown a 24-hour change of +22.5%. This significant increase was triggered by a bounce off the 20-day moving average (20DMA) at $2.37, which has consistently provided crucial support throughout the past two months of upward price movement.

Despite its strong technical form and bullish ascendant trading channel, NEAR’s recent price surge has led to an overbought signal from the Relative Strength Index (RSI), which now stands at an extremely bearish 80. Historical data from December 10 shows that when NEAR’s RSI reached these levels previously, the price retraced by -14.29%. On the other hand, the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) indicator presents a contrasting bullish divergence at 0.034. These technical indicators suggest that while NEAR price appears strong, a retracement may be overdue after the recent seismic rally.

According to technical analysis, NEAR has an upside target at $3.75, representing a potential gain of +7.14%. However, there is also a downside risk that NEAR could retrace down to $3.00, a possible loss of -14.29%. Based on the risk-to-reward ratio of 0.5, which indicates an unfavorable ratio for entry due to the recent pump, it may be considered too late to buy NEAR at its current price.

While NEAR Protocol may not be an appealing investment option at the moment, there is another cryptocurrency gaining the interest of smart money traders. Meme Kombat, a decentralized Web3 platform, offers a unique and engaging experience by blending nostalgic gaming with blockchain technology.

Meme Kombat’s essence lies in its captivating arena, where meme characters battle it out to tap into deeply tribal crypto communities. Players have the opportunity to place bets on these animated battles and potentially earn attractive rewards. With Season 1 already showcasing 11 distinct meme characters and Season 2 set to launch in December 2023, there is no shortage of action on this platform.

What sets Meme Kombat apart is its transparency and unpredictability. The outcomes of each battle are both transparent and driven by artificial intelligence, ensuring that every battle is a new and exciting experience. The project’s commitment to transparency is evident in its plans for a security audit, which will enhance trust among potential investors.

Meme Kombat’s tokenomics also make it an appealing option for investors. The Meme Kombat ($MK) token is attractively priced at $0.246, and staking the token offers a generous APY of 112%. This means that investors not only benefit from passive income but can also use their staked tokens to place bets in the arena. This dual functionality, where players can earn while engaging in gaming, makes Meme Kombat a unique offering in the burgeoning GambleFi industry.

By merging the worlds of memes, gaming, and blockchain, Meme Kombat presents an innovative and fresh approach to the crypto community. As the platform taps into the lucrative market of GambleFi, it provides an exciting opportunity for investors looking to diversify their portfolios.

Conclusion: Evaluate Your Options and Embrace the Future

While NEAR Protocol’s recent price surge may make it an unfavorable investment at the moment, there are other opportunities worth exploring. Meme Kombat’s unique blend of nostalgic gaming, betting, and blockchain technology presents an intriguing option for savvy investors. With its transparent battles, attractive tokenomics, and the experienced team behind it, Meme Kombat has the potential to disrupt the GambleFi industry.

As with any investment, it’s important to evaluate your options and consider the risks involved. Crypto assets are high-risk, and this article should not be taken as investment advice. However, for those willing to embrace the future of meme-based gaming and betting, Meme Kombat offers a promising opportunity that should not be overlooked. Stay tuned with the MK Telegram to stay updated on this exciting project.


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