Optimistic XRP Analyst Predicts $18 Price Target, While Frustration Grows in the XRP Community

Optimistic XRP Analyst Predicts $18 Price Target, While Frustration Grows in the XRP Community

As the XRP price continues to underperform, many holders are left wondering if it’s worth holding onto their tokens. However, one crypto analyst is providing some optimism for XRP investors. Dark Defender, a well-known analyst in the crypto community, recently shared a fascinating analysis suggesting that XRP could potentially reach $18 in the near future.

In his analysis, Dark Defender highlighted the importance of XRP retesting the $0.6649 level. He emphasized that this level is not to be taken lightly and could serve as a significant turning point for the token. Based on his assertions, an upward trend is expected to occur from this crucial price level.

Dark Defender further supported his prediction by sharing XRP’s monthly chart. From his analysis of the chart, he noted that XRP is currently trading above the $0.6649 level. This positioning could potentially propel XRP towards the $1 threshold. Additionally, Dark Defender identified $0.88 and $1.05 as achievable targets in the short term.

Dark Defender also pointed out that the “5 Wave EW Structure” on XRP’s monthly chart is still in play. This structure serves as an indicator for a potential surge towards $18.22 in the near to mid-term. However, he did acknowledge that XRP will face strong resistance at $1.08 before it can continue its ascent.

While Dark Defender’s analysis paints a positive picture for XRP, he cautions that the journey to $18 won’t be without its challenges. Breaking through the strong resistance at $1.08 will be crucial for XRP to achieve this significant milestone. Once this resistance is overcome, Dark Defender believes it will be a game-changing moment for XRP, leading to exponential growth.

However, amid the optimistic analysis from Dark Defender, frustration within the XRP community is also growing. Pro-XRP crypto influencer Chloe recently expressed her frustration with XRP’s price decline and even stated that she had sold all her XRP holdings. While she later clarified that she did not actually sell any of her tokens, her initial post reflects the ongoing dissatisfaction with XRP’s performance.

Chloe’s frustration is not unique. Pro-XRP legal expert Bill Morgan has also raised questions about XRP’s underperformance. Despite gaining regulatory clarity, XRP has failed to outperform most other tokens in the top 10 by market cap. Interestingly, Morgan highlighted that XRP’s price was higher five years ago than it is now, further adding to the community’s concerns.

The future of XRP remains uncertain, with conflicting perspectives from analysts and growing frustration within the community. While Dark Defender offers a bullish outlook with a potential $18 price target, it is crucial for XRP to address the challenges it currently faces. Overcoming resistance levels and proving its value proposition will be essential in restoring confidence and attracting new investors to the XRP ecosystem.

As XRP’s journey continues, the crypto community will be closely watching its price movements and milestones. Only time will tell if Dark Defender’s optimistic prediction holds true, or if XRP’s underperformance will persist.


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