The Anticipated Arrival of Shrapnel on the Epic Games Store

The Anticipated Arrival of Shrapnel on the Epic Games Store

Shrapnel, the long-awaited Avalanche first-person shooter game, has finally made its debut on the Epic Games Store in the form of early access. This exclusive release, titled “Shrapnel Training Exercises One” (STX1), is only accessible to those who have purchased the game’s “Extraction Pack” access keys. With the early access launch, players will be granted limited three-day play windows, each lasting approximately eight hours per day. This unique opportunity allows gamers to immerse themselves in the game and provide valuable feedback to shape the final product.

To celebrate the early access launch of Shrapnel, the developers held a special session for press and influencers, giving them an exclusive first look at the game. This event not only builds anticipation within the gaming community but also provides valuable exposure for the game. Future participants can find inspiration and excitement in the feedback and reviews shared by these influential figures.

A Chance to Win $100,000 in SHRAP Token Prizes

The next STX1 session, scheduled from February 8 to February 10, is set to offer participants an additional incentive for their involvement. Players will have the opportunity to compete for $100,000 in SHRAP token prizes, adding an exciting element to the gameplay. This not only motivates players to participate actively but also garners attention from gaming enthusiasts interested in the thrilling prospect of winning such prizes.

An Array of Options and Features

Approximately 3,000 keys have been sold for STX1, with prices varying from $20 to $100. The price discrepancy is influenced by the included features and perks, giving players the flexibility to choose their preferred gaming experience. This range of options ensures that players have access to in-game content commensurate with their budget and personal preferences.

While Shrapnel is slated to become a free-to-play game in 2025, the current early access stage serves as a prelude and introductory phase for players. This enables gamers to familiarize themselves with the game mechanics, immerse themselves in the virtual world, and provide valuable feedback to enhance the overall gaming experience. Mark Long, the CEO of game studio Neon, places great emphasis on the significance of community feedback in shaping Shrapnel. Including players in the development process is vital to crafting a high-quality AAA first-person shooter that resonates with the gaming community.

The launch of Shrapnel on the Epic Games Store for its early access debut has set the gaming world abuzz. With the exciting features, such as SHRAP token prizes and the opportunity for community involvement, Shrapnel is already making waves. Despite the challenges faced by the game studio Neon, including a lawsuit filed by six Neon founders against the majority shareholder, the dedication and determination of the team behind Shrapnel remain unyielding. The successful $20 million Series A funding round in October further highlights the high level of anticipation for Shrapnel’s release.

With its promising development and a team committed to delivering an exceptional gaming experience, Shrapnel is well on its way to becoming a top contender in the first-person shooter genre. The early access on the Epic Games Store paves the way for players to engage with the game’s content and actively contribute to its refinement. As the gaming community eagerly awaits the official release of Shrapnel, the anticipation continues to grow, solidifying its place as a highly anticipated and highly regarded game in the industry.


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