The Changing Landscape of Blockchain Games: Epic Games Store Policy Update

The Changing Landscape of Blockchain Games: Epic Games Store Policy Update

The gaming marketplace has recently witnessed a significant policy shift by Epic Games Store, a major player in the industry. This update comes in response to the removal of several blockchain games from the store’s offerings. Launched in December 2018, the Epic Games Store is renowned for its Unreal Engine and the hit game Fortnite, providing a digital distribution service for PC and macOS users. While the platform initially held strict restrictions on games rated “Adults Only” (AO) by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB), it has now made an exception for blockchain games classified as AO solely because of their utilization of blockchain technology.

According to the Epic Games Store, this change in policy allows for exceptional cases where an AO rating was applied solely due to the use of blockchain or NFT (Non-Fungible Token) technology. Nevertheless, these products must comply with the store’s Blockchain Technology Guidelines. By embracing this evolving approach to blockchain games, the Epic Games Store recognizes the unique qualities and potential of this technology within the gaming industry.

With the introduction of specific guidelines for blockchain games, the Epic Games Store outlines the restrictions and requirements that publishers must adhere to when featuring their blockchain-based titles on the platform. Among the guidelines, the store strictly prohibits paid offers leveraging blockchain technology and the use of the store’s payment mechanism. Furthermore, any links to blockchain, NFT, or cryptocurrency marketplaces on store pages are also strictly prohibited.

The Epic Games Store’s updated policy also takes into consideration the regional context. Blockchain technology products are not made available to users in China and South Korea. Additionally, these products must not facilitate gambling with traditional or digital currency. The store also reserves the right to remove products that leverage blockchain technology based on market actions that negatively impact players. These measures demonstrate the store’s commitment to player protection and ensuring a fair gaming environment.

This policy update from the Epic Games Store reflects the growing acceptance and recognition of blockchain games and their unique characteristics. As the store adapts its guidelines, it acknowledges the increasing influence and potential of blockchain technology in the digital gaming sector. However, the store continues to maintain its stance against “gambling,” “pornography,” and “hateful content,” emphasizing that all game developers are required to uphold these principles.

The Epic Games Store’s recent policy revision regarding blockchain games marks a significant shift in its approach to this emerging technology. By making exceptions for AO-rated games that utilize blockchain, the store acknowledges the unique potential and growing influence of blockchain technology in gaming. However, the store remains steadfast in its commitment to player protection and maintaining a safe gaming environment. This policy update paves the way for increased acceptance and integration of blockchain games into mainstream gaming platforms, further propelling the industry’s development and innovation.


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