The Cup and Handle Pattern in Bitcoin (BTC) Price Chart Signals Potential Rally to $75,000

The Cup and Handle Pattern in Bitcoin (BTC) Price Chart Signals Potential Rally to $75,000

Bitcoin (BTC), the world’s leading cryptocurrency, has seen a significant recovery in its price after entering a bearish phase in March 2022. Matt Dines, the Chief Investment Officer at Build Asset Management, has identified a classical ‘Cup and Handle’ pattern in the Bitcoin price chart. This pattern, which is closely watched by market analysts and traders, is seen as a strong bullish signal that could potentially lead to a rally up to $75,000.

The ‘Cup’ part of the pattern began forming when the Bitcoin price dropped below $48,000 and entered a prolonged bear market. The pattern reached its lowest point at approximately $17,600, indicating a strong support level for Bitcoin. The left side of the pattern resembles a rounded bottom, forming a ‘cup.’ This formation occurs when the price initially declines, consolidates, and starts rising again. Since hitting the bottom, Bitcoin’s price has steadily recovered, mirroring the right side of the cup and suggesting a bullish reversal.

Dines explains that the ‘saucer’ or the ‘cup’ signifies a consolidation period, a pause in the downward trend before the price begins to rise and test resistance levels. The recovery to the initial resistance line, which was completed in early January this year, marked the completion of the cup formation.

Following the recovery, Bitcoin’s price experienced a moderate retracement, forming the ‘Handle.’ The handle is characterized by a slight downward trajectory and is considered the final consolidation before a breakout. The pullback in late January, which saw the price drop to $38,600, marked the bottom of the handle. The breakout above $48,000 validated the cup and handle pattern, indicating a potential upward movement in Bitcoin’s price.

The placement of the vertical projection from the bottom of the handle is a subjective decision. However, traders often use charts to identify formations. The height of the cup, from the low at around $17,600 to the resistance line at $48,000, sets the stage for the price target. Dines suggests that traders can use the height of the bowl to set their price target. By adding this height to the bottom of the handle, a guesstimate for the price target is derived.

Based on the chart, the height from the cup’s low to the resistance level is approximately $31,973, which reflects the increase in Bitcoin’s price from its lowest point to the current level. Projecting this height from the handle’s formation suggests a potential target around $75,000. However, it is important to note that price targets are not guaranteed and depend on the collective behavior of market participants.

Dines emphasizes that the collective behavior of market participants will ultimately guide the price movement. If enough participants put on trades based on the cup and handle pattern with a target of $75,000, it could set the dominant price action. However, it is important to approach price predictions with caution, as market dynamics are complex and influenced by various factors.

The identification of the cup and handle pattern in the Bitcoin price chart suggests a potential rally to $75,000. This pattern, which is considered a strong bullish signal, has been closely watched by market analysts and traders. However, it is important to note that price predictions are not guaranteed, and market dynamics are influenced by various factors. As always, investors are advised to conduct their own research and exercise caution when making investment decisions.


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