The FCA Issues Warning on Poloniex, a Justin Sun-Linked Crypto Exchange

The FCA Issues Warning on Poloniex, a Justin Sun-Linked Crypto Exchange

The UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has recently added Poloniex, a cryptocurrency exchange associated with Justin Sun, to its warning list. The FCA has raised concerns about Poloniex promoting financial services without proper authorization. This article examines the FCA’s actions and the potential consequences for the exchange.

In a December 6 update, the FCA stated that Poloniex may be offering financial services or products without their permission, urging individuals to avoid dealing with the firm. The FCA emphasized that Poloniex lacks authorization to engage with UK residents regarding its product offerings. This means that individuals involved with the company cannot seek protection under the Financial Ombudsman Service or the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

The FCA has been actively revising its list of unlicensed cryptocurrency entities operating within its jurisdiction. Notable platforms listed by the FCA include Bitfinex, HTX, KuCoin, and Phemex. The regulatory body’s guidelines dictate that all financial enterprises operating in the UK must either hold authorization or registration with the FCA. By issuing this warning, the FCA is reinforcing its commitment to protecting consumers and maintaining the integrity of the financial market.

The FCA’s warning comes at a precarious time for Poloniex, as the exchange is already facing challenges. Users have expressed frustration over their inability to withdraw assets following a $100 million hack in November. While Poloniex has made progress in restoring services, only a limited number of tokens like USDD, USDT, BitTorrent’s BTT, Sun Token SUN, and USDC are currently available for withdrawal via the Tron Network as of December 5. However, the exchange has promised to extend withdrawal services to major cryptocurrencies like BTC and ETH in the coming two weeks.

As a result of Poloniex’s challenges, various cryptocurrencies are trading at a slight discount to their original value on competing platforms like Binance. For instance, data from Poloniex reveals that its BTC/USDT trading pair was trading at $43,028, while the same pair was exchanging at $43,229 on Binance at the time of writing. Similarly, the ETH trading pair on Poloniex is experiencing a discount of approximately $32 compared to the price on Binance.

The FCA’s warning regarding Poloniex, a Justin Sun-linked crypto exchange, indicates the regulatory body’s continued efforts to protect consumers and enforce authorization requirements within the UK. The lack of authorization from the FCA limits the rights of individuals dealing with Poloniex and raises concerns about the security of their investments. As Poloniex tackles ongoing challenges, including the restoration of withdrawal services and competition from other platforms, it remains to be seen how the exchange will navigate these issues and regain trust among its user base.


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