The Future of Blockchain Gaming: Sky Mavis, GMonsters, and MIXI Join Forces

The Future of Blockchain Gaming: Sky Mavis, GMonsters, and MIXI Join Forces

Blockchain technology has been making waves in various industries, and the gaming sector is no exception. One of the frontrunners in this space is Sky Mavis, the creator of the popular play-to-earn NFT game, Axie Infinity. In an exciting development, Sky Mavis has partnered with GMonsters, a team of experienced game developers, and mobile game publisher MIXI to bring titles from MIXI’s Fight League franchise to the Ronin blockchain.

The Ronin blockchain, designed specifically for games, was initially launched for Axie Infinity. However, it has quickly gained traction and attracted a growing list of third-party games. Titles like Pixels, The Machines Arena, and Zoids Wild Arena have found a new home on the Ronin network. With this collaboration, GMonsters plans to launch three different Fight League games on Ronin, expanding the network’s reach and potential.

The first game to hit the Ronin blockchain will be Fight League Survivor, featuring an arcade-style gameplay. This highly anticipated game is set to enter a closed beta testing phase in the current quarter. GMonsters also have plans to release two more games in the Fight League franchise on the Ronin blockchain – Fight League Medallion, a card battler, and Fight League Missions, a role-playing game.

MIXI, the publisher behind the immensely successful mobile game Monster Strike, has the intellectual property for Fight League. As part of this collaboration, MIXI will extend comprehensive support to GMonsters throughout the game development process, including planning, production, and supervision. This expertise from MIXI is expected to pave the way for more successful titles on the market.

Benefits for All Parties Involved

This collaboration between Sky Mavis, GMonsters, and MIXI brings numerous benefits for each party. For Sky Mavis, expanding the Ronin network with highly anticipated games will entice more users and solidify its position as a leading blockchain platform for gaming. GMonsters, on the other hand, will gain increased exposure and access to a wider audience through the Ronin network, while also benefiting from MIXI’s game development and promotion expertise.

For MIXI, the collaboration provides an opportunity to tap into the growing trend of blockchain gaming and expand their brand beyond traditional mobile games. The Ronin network’s capabilities, such as low fees and fast transactions, make it an ideal platform for MIXI to explore the world of NFTs and blockchain gaming. This collaboration marks yet another significant milestone in the world of blockchain gaming, highlighting the potential of blockchain technology to transform the gaming industry and attract traditional game developers.

As the Ronin network continues to expand its reach and capabilities, we can expect to see more exciting collaborations and developments in the future. The partnership between Sky Mavis, GMonsters, and MIXI is a testament to the potential of blockchain gaming and its ability to bring together established players in the industry, opening doors to new possibilities and innovations. With the ever-increasing popularity of NFTs and blockchain technology, the future of the gaming industry looks promising, and this collaboration is just the beginning.


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