The Future of DeFi Lending Protocol MakerDAO

The Future of DeFi Lending Protocol MakerDAO

MakerDAO recently announced the upcoming launch of the first phase of its ‘Endgame’ project, set for the summer of 2024. This initial phase will introduce all major features of Endgame, emphasizing them as key drivers of growth for the platform. The goal is to quickly establish a virtuous cycle where SubDAOs, tokenomics, the new brand, and user acquisition strategies work together to drive exponential Dai adoption.

Founder Rune Christensen detailed in a post on the project’s governance forum that Phase 1 will kick off with the introduction of a new brand, accompanied by a promotional website. Early adopters will have the opportunity to enroll for a launch incentive during the brand introduction period, boosting their returns when the new tokens become available. Following the brand reveal, two new tokens, NewStable and NewGovToken, will be introduced to the ecosystem, offering users additional options alongside Dai and MKR tokens.

In addition to the new tokens, MakerDAO will unveil the Lockstake Engine, allowing users to secure MKR or NewGovToken for extended periods to enhance risk and reward potential. The platform will also introduce a cost-effective bridge connecting Maker ecosystem tokens from Ethereum to a leading Layer-2 network, opening up new possibilities for users. The upcoming ‘NewBridge’ will enable economic layer-2 yield farming, enhancing the DeFi experience for participants.

Phase 1 will also see the launch of SparkDAO, the first SubDAO focused on lending. The success of the Lockstake Engine, NewBridge, and Spark SubDAO will set the stage for Phase 2, which will focus on scaling the platform to accommodate increased demand and usage.

Once the foundational elements of Endgame are in place, Phase 3 will involve the technical iteration of NewChain, a standalone L1 blockchain dedicated to hosting the core tokenomics and governance mechanisms of Maker Core and the SubDAOs. This new blockchain is expected to support Real-World Assets (RWA), DeFi activities, and inter-blockchain bridging through the NewBridge system.

The final phase, Phase 4, will mark the activation of the Final Endgame, where the foundational governance mechanisms of Maker Core become immutable, solidifying the long-term vision of the project. Through these progressive phases, MakerDAO aims to revolutionize DeFi lending and establish a robust ecosystem for users to participate in decentralized finance with confidence and security.


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