The Future of on-Chain Chat Apps: Interview with Harsh Rajat

The Future of on-Chain Chat Apps: Interview with Harsh Rajat

The world of cryptocurrency has been evolving at a rapid pace, with new projects and innovations emerging constantly. In the latest episode of Hashing It Out, Harsh Rajat, the founder and project lead of Push Protocol, shares his insights on the Ethereum ecosystem and the future of on-chain chat apps. Rajat’s background in mobile applications has led him to identify the need for Web3 communities to pivot from Web2 tools and become fully on-chain.

Rajat’s comparison of Web2 and Web3 apps revealed a significant gap in the decentralized applications ecosystem – the lack of notifications. For Web2 applications, notifications play a crucial role in user retention. However, this feature was missing in the Web3 space. Rajat recognized the importance of bridging this gap and saw an opportunity for on-chain chat apps to lead the next wave of crypto adoption.

According to Rajat, the Ethereum ecosystem is where true innovation happens in the blockchain space. He attributes this to the availability of mentorship and support from the community, which fosters a conducive environment for development. Having face-to-face access to industry leaders like Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, makes a significant difference for those building on the blockchain. Rajat firmly believes that it is impossible to “kill” Ethereum, as it has already established its presence and dominance.

Rajat acknowledges the emergence of multiple layer-2 networks in the Ethereum ecosystem as a positive development. However, he predicts that not all layer 2s will survive in the long term. Some will pivot, and others may integrate with other layer 2s. This dynamic nature of the ecosystem guarantees continuous evolution and improvement.

One intriguing trend that Rajat highlights is the increasing demand for chat applications built on Ethereum. As the Web3 space evolves, users are searching for solutions that can power their communities and forums. Rajat emphasizes that effective communication is essential for the success of Web3, even before the inclusion of advanced features. This shift towards on-chain chat applications signifies the growing interest and reliance on the Ethereum ecosystem for innovative solutions.

Aside from the fascinating discussion on on-chain chat apps, the episode touches upon other insightful topics, such as the role of wallets as Web3 identities, the potential use cases of token-gated group chats, and the future trajectory of the Ethereum ecosystem.

Harsh Rajat’s interview sheds light on the future of on-chain chat apps within the Ethereum ecosystem. His observations and experiences as the founder of Push Protocol emphasize the need for innovation, the power of the Ethereum community, and the growing demand for Web3 solutions. As the crypto space continues to evolve, it is essential to embrace these advancements and explore the possibilities they present for revolutionizing communication and user experiences.


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