The Impact of Yuga Labs Burning 4,295 HV-MTL NFTs

The Impact of Yuga Labs Burning 4,295 HV-MTL NFTs

Yuga Labs, the creator behind the popular Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), recently made a bold decision to burn 4,295 HV-MTL NFTs. This move was a response to the acquisition of two gaming IPs from Yuga Labs by the blockchain gaming studio Faraway. By burning a significant portion of HV-MTL NFTs, Yuga Labs aimed to increase the value and scarcity of the remaining NFTs in the collection. The act of burning tokens is a common strategy in traditional finance to create scarcity and drive up demand for assets.

The burning of 4,295 HV-MTL NFTs had an immediate impact on the value of these assets. Initially, the floor price of HV-MTL NFTs dropped by 16% after the acquisition and subsequent burn were announced. However, this decline was quickly followed by a 31% increase in value to 0.064 ETH after the Yuga Labs-owned NFTs were burned. This drastic shift in value highlights the impact of reducing the total supply of HV-MTL NFTs on their perceived value and demand in the market.

In addition to affecting the value of HV-MTL NFTs, the burning of 4,295 tokens also had repercussions for HV-MTL Forge. This crafting game requires ownership of an HV-MTL NFT to fully participate. With the reduction in total supply, these NFTs have become even more exclusive and valuable within the game. Under new management by Faraway, HV-MTL Forge is expected to undergo changes aimed at increasing the utility and engagement for holders of HV-MTL NFTs.

Strategic Changes by Faraway

Faraway, the blockchain gaming studio that acquired Yuga Labs’ gaming IPs, has introduced a new points system in HV-MTL aimed at rewarding players for various activities. This system promotes interoperability within Faraway’s network and contributes to creating a dynamic and engaging gaming experience for HV-MTL NFT holders. The acquisition of Yuga Labs’ gaming IPs by Faraway signals new features and updates coming to the game, which will likely attract more players and enhance the overall gaming experience.

Future Implications for BAYC and HV-MTL

The burning of 4,295 HV-MTL NFTs by Yuga Labs is a significant move that will have a lasting impact on both BAYC and HV-MTL Forge. This decision is expected to drive up the value and demand for remaining HV-MTL NFTs while paving the way for new developments and improvements in HV-MTL Forge under Faraway’s management. As the world of NFTs continues to evolve, the effects of this strategic move by Yuga Labs will shape the future of both BAYC and HV-MTL, setting the stage for further growth and innovation.


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