The Importance of Participating in FTX’s Bankruptcy Estate Auction

The Importance of Participating in FTX’s Bankruptcy Estate Auction

FTX creditors have recently been encouraged to take part in the bankruptcy estate auction of the remaining Solana token holdings of the defunct exchange. This move comes after Figure CEO Mike Cagney announced that the upcoming round of locked Solana token sales would be conducted through an auction process. Unlike previous sales that were directly made to venture capital firms, retail investors impacted by the exchange’s collapse now have an opportunity to participate in this auction. Sunil Kavuri, a prominent FTX creditor, emphasized the importance of retail investors taking part in this process, highlighting that Figure Markets has created a structure that allows for a minimum investment of $5000, significantly lower than the previous requirement of $5 million to purchase from FTX.

Special-Purpose Vehicle (SPV) Creation

To facilitate the participation of both accredited US and non-US investors in the auction, Figure Markets will establish a special-purpose vehicle (SPV). Investors will need to undergo a compulsory Know Your Customer (KYC) process to be eligible to invest through the SPV. The SPV aims to engage the community in a consensus-driven decision-making process regarding bid prices and investment management. Accepted forms of investment include the US Dollar, USD Coin stablecoin, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. Despite these details being disclosed, the defunct exchange has not provided further information on the auction process at the time of writing.

Concerns Over Discounted Sales

FTX’s decision to divest its SOL tokens at discounted rates has raised concerns among FTX creditors. The exchange recently generated $1.9 billion from selling SOL tokens at $64 per token, significantly lower than the current market value. This strategy of selling tokens at a discount has been met with criticism from creditors, who argue that it results in the destruction of value for them. Kavuri expressed disapproval of FTX’s actions, stating that it is unfair for the exchange to sell their property. Furthermore, he hinted at taking legal action through class actions against Sullivan & Cromwell and associated parties for the alleged losses incurred by FTX creditors.

The auction of FTX’s remaining Solana token holdings presents a unique opportunity for creditors to potentially recover some of their losses. By participating in the auction through the special-purpose vehicle created by Figure Markets, retail investors can have a say in the decision-making process and potentially benefit from bids made in the auction. However, concerns remain regarding FTX’s strategy of selling tokens at discounted rates and the impact it has on the value of creditors’ holdings. It is crucial for FTX creditors to stay informed and actively engage in the auction process to protect their interests and seek resolution for the losses incurred.


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