The New Manager ID: Elevating the Sorare Experience

The New Manager ID: Elevating the Sorare Experience

Sorare, the popular fantasy football game, has recently introduced an innovative feature called the Manager ID. This addition aims to enhance the experience of users by providing a unique representation of a player’s achievements and status within the Sorare community. Departing from the traditional profile, the Manager ID combines visual elements that symbolize a player’s journey, decisions, and managerial skills in the game.

At the core of the Manager ID lies the Club Badge, a significant element that players can earn and proudly display. These badges can be obtained by leveling up or purchasing them in the Club Shop. As players progress in the game, they start with the standard Sorare Badge or legacy badges and can unlock more along the way. This feature is set to become a central aspect of player identity within Sorare, showcasing their dedication and accomplishments.

Another component of the Manager ID is the Stadium, which acts as a background for the ID, representing a player’s journey and achievements. New Stadiums can be unlocked through the Collection Game, level advancements, or purchases. This feature replaces the previously used Banners, providing players a fresh and personalized way to showcase their progress. Sorare acknowledges the impact of this change on players who had previously invested in Banners and plans to introduce an exclusive Stadium for these early supporters, though it will not be immediately available at launch.

The Manager ID also includes Achievement Badges, allowing players to highlight their engagement, collection milestones, and challenge completions. These badges represent a player’s time and unique experiences on Sorare, adding an extra layer of personalization to their profile.

Additionally, the Manager ID features Favorite Stats, showcasing each player’s top-three statistics, such as cards owned, cards won, and total Collection Score. Sorare intends to expand this feature by introducing more personalized statistics to display each player’s achievements, further enhancing the Manager ID’s value as a representation of a player’s progress and skills.

With its user-centric approach, Sorare ensures that every new player starts with a basic Manager ID featuring the Sorare logo Badge, beginning from level zero. As players progress and customize their Manager IDs, the evolution reflects their journey and style. It is important to note that the Manager ID is far from being a static feature; it is designed to be a shareable and visible aspect of a player’s presence on the platform.

The Manager ID will appear in various sections of Sorare, including the My Club and Lobby Page, as well as competition leaderboards. Initially, the Manager ID will be visible exclusively in Sorare’s browser experience and the updated Android app, specifically for Sorare Football. However, Sorare has ambitious plans to extend this feature to the iOS platform and include other sports, such as the NBA and MLB. These efforts align with Sorare’s commitment to expanding its offerings and continuously enhancing the user experience across different devices and sports.

In addition to the Manager ID, it is important to have a basic understanding of Sorare’s game mechanics. Each Sorare card represents a real-world football player, and the player’s in-game performance directly influences the card’s score. Factors like goals, assists, clean sheets, and even subjective metrics like player ratings are considered in calculating the score.

There are two primary ways to earn in Sorare: trading cards for profit and winning tournaments with your team of digital cards. To get started, players can visit the Sorare website, create an account, and purchase their first digital cards. The platform even provides a free starter pack to help new users understand the game dynamics and get a taste of the action.

Sorare is available to users around the world, with some exceptions for countries with specific regulations around blockchain games or online gaming. It is crucial for players to ensure they are following local regulations when participating in the game. However, Sorare operates within the legal framework of blockchain and NFT regulations, providing players with a secure and compliant platform for their gaming experience.

Furthermore, Sorare has forged officially licensed partnerships with various football clubs and leagues worldwide, further enhancing the authenticity and appeal of the game. This ensures that players can trust the legitimacy of the digital cards they own and trade.

The introduction of the Manager ID elevates the Sorare experience by providing players with a personalized and visually appealing representation of their progress and achievements. The Club Badges, Stadiums, Achievement Badges, and Favorite Stats all contribute to making each player’s Manager ID unique and reflective of their journey within Sorare. With plans to expand to other sports and platforms, Sorare is continually striving to enhance user engagement and deliver an exceptional fantasy sports experience.


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