The Partnership Between OVERDARE and Circle Internet Financial Revolutionizes Mobile Gaming

The Partnership Between OVERDARE and Circle Internet Financial Revolutionizes Mobile Gaming

The collaboration between OVERDARE, KRAFTON, NAVER Z, and Circle Internet Financial aims to revolutionize the mobile gaming sector by providing innovative solutions for user-generated content creators. By integrating Circle’s Programmable Wallets, creators can easily receive direct USDC payouts, enhancing their gaming experience and streamlining the revenue distribution process.

OVERDARE’s mobile gaming platform offers AI tools that promise a unique and immersive gaming experience for both players and creators. The introduction of ‘OVERDARE Studio’ brings a suite of PC-based tools that allow creators to customize gaming experiences within the platform. This move aims to provide a Roblox-style game creation experience in a broad open-world metaverse, catering to the growing demand for user-generated content in the gaming industry.

To support its focus on creators, OVERDARE is integrating the Settlus network to facilitate the licensing of interactive content. This integration enables creators to establish asset ownership, license their work, and monetize it on the blockchain. Settlus, part of the Cosmos ecosystem, enhances interoperability between blockchains and ensures a transparent and scalable model for creator revenue distribution, creating new opportunities for creators in the gaming sector.

Henry Park, CEO of OVERDARE, expressed excitement about the partnership with Circle, emphasizing the company’s reputation for regulatory compliance and reliability. The introduction of Circle’s Programmable Wallets for IP trading and USDC payouts aims to simplify transactions for creators, making it easier for them to transition from Web2 to Web3 platforms. This initiative focuses on user-friendly asset management and secure transactions, unlocking new opportunities in the expanding metaverse and gaming sectors.

By adopting USDC as an alternative for creators to earn revenue and settle transactions, OVERDARE aims to boost the creator economy by providing lower settlement fees and nearly instant payment processing. This initiative gives creators worldwide access to their earnings whenever needed, enhancing their financial stability and empowering them to pursue their creative endeavors with confidence.

Overall, the partnership between OVERDARE and Circle Internet Financial represents a significant advancement in the mobile UGC gaming sector. By offering creators new opportunities in the rapidly growing areas of gaming and the metaverse, this collaboration is set to redefine the way user-generated content is created, shared, and monetized in the digital landscape. With innovative technologies and a focus on creator empowerment, OVERDARE and Circle are paving the way for a more inclusive and dynamic gaming ecosystem.


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