The Partnership between Sky Mavis and Foonie Magus Brings Apeiron to Ronin Blockchain Network

The Partnership between Sky Mavis and Foonie Magus Brings Apeiron to Ronin Blockchain Network

Blockchain game developer Sky Mavis, known for the popular Axie Infinity game, has recently announced a strategic partnership with Foonie Magus. This collaboration aims to bring Apeiron, an innovative game combining elements of a rogue-lite card battler and a god simulation, to the Ronin blockchain network. Apeiron offers players a unique gaming experience where they assume the role of godly avatars tasked with protecting the residents of their planet known as the Doods.

Game Features

Apeiron presents an intriguing blend of card-driven conflicts and god simulation mechanics. Players engage in thrilling battles using cards, strategically choosing their moves to protect their planet. One of the notable aspects of Apeiron is its tri-token system, which allows players to trade and invest within the game’s world. These strategic choices have real economic consequences in the game, adding depth and complexity to the overall experience. The game also introduces a breeding mechanism for Planet NFTs, drawing inspiration from Axie Infinity.

Initially launched on Polygon in April 2022, Apeiron is now making the transition to the Ronin network. Sky Mavis CEO Trung Nguyen has expressed excitement about this move, as it introduces an immersive god game to their existing ecosystem. Nguyen also commended Foonie Magus’ leadership team for their extensive gaming expertise from both Web2 and Web3 perspectives. The partnership opens up new possibilities for Apeiron’s growth and development.

For players eager to try out Apeiron, a demo version of the game is currently available on the Epic Game Store. Additionally, a global mobile game launch is scheduled for early 2024, which will introduce a new PvP mode and a token launch. These updates aim to enhance the game’s competitive aspects and provide players with new opportunities for engagement.

Choosing Ronin

Foonie Magus CEO Frank Cheng explained their decision to bring Apeiron to the Ronin network. Cheng highlighted Ronin’s gaming-centric vision and strong support for selected projects as key factors in their choice. The objective is to cultivate an ecosystem on Ronin that seamlessly integrates creativity, engagement, economic value, and intellectual property (IP) success. This aligns with the interests of the broader community, as evidenced by Ronin’s significant increase in daily active addresses, which has surged by 300% in just the last month.

Supporting Game Studios

Sky Mavis played a pivotal role in Ronin’s growth by opening its doors to select game studios in March 2023. This move aimed to encourage the development of Web3 games, fueling the network’s impressive expansion. The partnership with Foonie Magus is another step in this direction, further strengthening Ronin’s position as a leading blockchain gaming platform.

The collaboration between Sky Mavis and Foonie Magus brings the innovative game Apeiron to the Ronin blockchain network. With its unique fusion of rogue-lite card battler and god simulation elements, Apeiron offers players an immersive gaming experience. The game’s introduction of a tri-token system and Planet NFT breeding mechanics adds depth and economic consequences to strategic choices. The decision to migrate to Ronin aligns with the platform’s gaming-centric vision and increasing popularity among users. As the game expands its availability through a mobile launch and introduces new features, it is set to captivate players and contribute to the growth of the blockchain gaming industry.


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