The Potential 35%-45% Breakout of SOL According to Coin Bureau

The Potential 35%-45% Breakout of SOL According to Coin Bureau

Recently, the host of Coin Bureau, Guy Turner, shared his bullish predictions for SOL with his two million YouTube followers. He believes that SOL could potentially see a breakout of 35% to 45% above the $300 mark. Turner’s optimism is based on an analysis of the weekly and monthly charts for SOL in the early months of 2024. He described SOL as “incredibly bullish” on both timeframes, although it is currently facing significant resistance at the $300 level. Additionally, Turner compared SOL to Bitcoin, indicating that the altcoin’s strength is evident when paired against BTC.

One key factor influencing Turner’s forecast is the upcoming Bitcoin halving event. He anticipates that the halving will drive BTC to new highs, which in turn could result in a 35% to 45% gain for SOL against Bitcoin. Turner emphasized the importance of monitoring SOL’s price in relation to the development of four upcoming milestones outlined in the updated roadmap by the Solana Foundation.

The milestones highlighted by Turner include the release of token extensions, the introduction of new validator clients such as Firedancer, increased institutional backing, and enhanced developer engagement. Solana has seen significant growth, with over $4.6 billion in total value locked across its array of decentralized applications (dApps). This surge in activity has been driven in part by a wave of new users entering the space, drawn in by the excitement surrounding meme coins and the substantial gains seen by Solana-based tokens.

Another contributing factor to Solana’s recent price surge and TVL increase is the overall bullish sentiment exhibited by both retail and institutional investors. As reported by CryptoPotato, this positive outlook has generated further interest in Solana and its ecosystem, propelling its value higher. Looking ahead, the market will be closely monitoring these developments and milestones to gauge SOL’s future performance in the ever-evolving cryptocurrency landscape.

Guy Turner’s analysis of SOL’s potential breakout and the factors driving its price growth provide valuable insights for investors and enthusiasts in the cryptocurrency space.As SOL continues to navigate the challenges and opportunities ahead, the community will be watching closely to see if Turner’s predictions come to fruition.


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