The Rise of NodeMonkes in the World of Ordinals

The Rise of NodeMonkes in the World of Ordinals

As Bitcoin’s price continues to soar, Ordinals have become increasingly popular within the cryptocurrency and NFT community. Among the various projects in this space, NodeMonkes has emerged as a frontrunner, with its unprecedented sales and high demand in the secondary market.

NodeMonkes currently holds the title of the top-selling individual Ordinal or NFT project, boasting an impressive $45 million in secondary market sales in just the last seven days alone. Surprisingly, in the past 24 hours, NodeMonkes has outsold even the renowned Ethereum NFT project, CryptoPunks. The recent sale of a single CryptoPunk for $16 million played a significant role in this surge, but NodeMonkes is not far behind, having raked in about $11.7 million in sales over the same period.

One of NodeMonkes’ most remarkable achievements was the sale of the “Alien Hoodie” NodeMonke (#2769) for a whopping 17 Bitcoin, equivalent to $1.08 million at the time. This stands as the largest sale in NodeMonkes’ history and the second highest sale in the realm of Ordinals. Just last week, the second-ever Bitcoin Ordinal inscription was sold for $1.4 million worth of BTC, indicating a growing interest and demand for these unique digital assets.

Market Dynamics

The surge in NodeMonkes’ popularity can be directly linked to the escalating demand for Bitcoin Ordinals, paralleling the rise in value of the leading cryptocurrency itself. Initially priced at 0.18 BTC (approximately $9,300) during its launch two weeks ago, the current cheapest NodeMonke listed on Magic Eden stands at 0.82 BTC, equivalent to nearly $54,400.

NodeMonkes is not the only project experiencing a surge in demand and sales. In the past week, Ethereum NFTs and Bitcoin Ordinals have seen similar total sales volumes, with $177.4 million worth of Ethereum NFTs sold and $176.4 million for Ordinals. This trend can be attributed to Bitcoin’s recent price surge, breaking above $67,000 on Monday and inching closer to its all-time high of $69,044.

As Bitcoin maintains its stronghold in the market, it comes as no surprise that Ordinals, particularly NodeMonkes, are capturing the attention of NFT collectors and investors alike. With its record-breaking sales and a surge in demand, NodeMonkes has effortlessly solidified its position as the reigning Bitcoin Ordinal collection.


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