The Rise of Parallel: A New Frontier in NFT Card Gaming

The Rise of Parallel: A New Frontier in NFT Card Gaming

Parallel, the cutting-edge sci-fi NFT card game, has recently concluded a successful funding round, securing an impressive $35 million from a diverse group of investors. The game, which utilizes the Ethereum blockchain and Base layer-2 chain, made the exciting announcement in a post dated March 28. Among the investors supporting Parallel are well-known entities like Distributed Global, The Operating Group, VanEck, Solana Ventures, Base Ecosystem Fund, and Amber, to name a few. While the post-funding valuation of Parallel remains undisclosed, the developers have shared their intentions to utilize the raised funds to broaden the Parallel universe’s reach across new platforms and mediums.

Since its launch in 2021, Parallel has been available to players in an open beta format, inviting them to collect, trade, and engage with unique in-game assets represented as NFTs. The game’s intricate narrative delves into humanity’s foray into space to address a global energy crisis, blending elements of traditional trading card games with cutting-edge digital gaming. Players are introduced to a universe where play-to-earn features are standard, set against the backdrop of interstellar exploration and societal advancement. At the core of the game lie the Parallel NFTs, digital assets that define the game’s factions or “Parallels.” These NFTs play a pivotal role in gameplay as players construct decks to compete against each other.

To engage with Parallel, players must assemble a complete deck from one of the Factions, comprising 40 cards that include Faction-specific and Universal cards. Universal cards have the flexibility to be used in any deck. A deck can contain up to three copies of a card, with the limitation of only one Legendary card copy. The objective is to deplete your opponent’s health from 30 to 0. Each card in the game, a unique 3D art piece crafted by the game’s artists, functions as an ERC-1155 Digital Collectible on the Ethereum network. While owning Digital Collectibles is not a prerequisite for gameplay, it presents an opportunity to earn the game’s governance token, PRIME.

The Parallel team recently celebrated the launch of the open beta at the end of February, alongside a game update that introduced refinements in gameplay and fresh content. With confidence in the game’s balance and readiness for a broader audience, the developers have outlined the upcoming Open Beta Season 2: Void-forged Oath, slated to commence on April 1 @ 00:00 UTC. This new season brings along a battle pass featuring a new Shroud Legendary card, Argoel’s Fealty, along with exclusive cosmetics and rewards. The update also includes a new game mode, resolutions for previously reported issues, several bug fixes, and information on pending raffles from earlier seasons.

In addition to its success with Parallel, Parallel Studios recently launched Colony, a survival simulation game on the Solana blockchain that incorporates AI technology. This innovative game has quickly captured the attention of gamers seeking a unique gaming experience. A white paper released on March 14 details Colony’s aim to enhance the use of AI in blockchain gaming by introducing AI agents that learn and evolve, each developing distinct personalities and perspectives.

Parallel has firmly established itself as a groundbreaking force in the NFT card gaming realm, with ambitious plans for growth and innovation on the horizon. As the game continues to evolve and captivate players worldwide, its fusion of immersive storytelling, cutting-edge technology, and unique gameplay mechanics is setting a new standard in the gaming industry.


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