The Saudi Ministry of Culture Launches the Cultural Universe Metaverse Initiative

The Saudi Ministry of Culture Launches the Cultural Universe Metaverse Initiative

The Saudi Ministry of Culture, in collaboration with droppGroup and Oracle, has unveiled a groundbreaking initiative called the ‘Cultural Universe’. This innovative project is a national Metaverse platform aimed at showcasing and exploring Saudi culture and heritage. Utilizing cutting-edge technology such as Generative Media Intelligence (GMI) AI system, droppPhygital, and Hyperledger Fabric 2.5 blockchain technology, the Cultural Universe offers users a unique digital experience like never before.

Launched on February 22nd to coincide with Saudi Arabia’s National Founding Day 2024, the Cultural Universe platform serves as a digital counterpart to the traditional celebrations. With a focus on exploring Saudi Arabia’s rich history dating back to 1727, the platform features a History Walk, along with dedicated sections for Saudi music, art, history, food, crafts, and interactive mini-games. For example, users can immerse themselves in the Culinary section to learn about Saudi cuisine ingredients and cooking methods, or engage in mini-games like climbing trees to collect dates.

The Cultural Universe is designed to be accessible to a wide range of users, with a web-based experience that is compatible with Mobile XR technology. This means that individuals can explore the Metaverse using various devices, including VR headsets and desktop computers. By prioritizing inclusivity, the Ministry of Culture aims to allow people from around the world to engage with and learn about Saudi Arabia’s cultural heritage.

The participation in the Metaverse events during the Founding Day celebrations from both local and international users has been overwhelming, signaling a significant shift in cultural engagement. The Saudi Ministry of Culture sees this initiative as a pivotal step towards ushering in a new era of cultural expression and activity. By blending advanced technology with cultural storytelling, the Cultural Universe project not only aims for technological advancement but also seeks to foster a global community where traditional customs and modern innovations coexist harmoniously.

The launch of the Cultural Universe Metaverse initiative represents a transformative moment in the way cultural heritage is explored and experienced. Through a combination of state-of-the-art technology and interactive storytelling, this platform is poised to redefine the boundaries of cultural education and engagement on a global scale.


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