The State of Cardano: A Promising Future or Coordinated Suppression?

The State of Cardano: A Promising Future or Coordinated Suppression?

Charles Hoskinson, one of the co-founders of Cardano, recently shared his thoughts on the current state of the crypto space during an interview with Discovery Crypto. In this conversation, he delved into the dynamics between Cardano and other players in the crypto industry, highlighting a potential coordinated effort to minimize Cardano’s impact. According to Hoskinson, it seems that many players in the crypto space fear Cardano for its ability to consistently do things right. Notably, its successful implementation of liquid staking and organic growth without Venture Capital (VC) funding are viewed as key factors that make Cardano a formidable force in the industry.

When questioned about the absence of stablecoins like USDC on the Cardano blockchain, the response provided by Hoskinson unveiled an interesting perspective. Contrary to popular belief, the reason for this absence is neither economic nor technical. Rather, it stems from a seeming lack of desire among stablecoin projects to engage with the Cardano blockchain. It appears that many stablecoin projects are not yet willing to explore the potential benefits and opportunities that Cardano can provide.

During the interview, Hoskinson expressed his concerns about asset-backed stablecoins, stating that he does not consider them to be true cryptocurrencies. Despite the fact that a significant percentage of real value transactions in the crypto space are conducted through these stablecoins, Hoskinson finds their highly centralized nature concerning. By being controlled by a limited number of centralized entities, he believes that asset-backed stablecoins grant excessive control over the cryptocurrency space to these entities. Furthermore, with the introduction of ETFs, the level of control exerted over the crypto industry becomes even more daunting, as a mere ten companies now dominate the space.

Hoskinson observes a worrying trend in the current developments of the crypto space. He believes that the industry is veering away from its initial mission of fostering financial freedom and instead, inadvertently surrendering power to a handful of regulated entities. Rather than challenging conventional banking systems and legacy financial institutions, the crypto market is now granting “soft power” to these regulated entities, giving them unwarranted control over the value and volume of the crypto industry.

As a solution to these concerns, the Cardano team has devoted significant research efforts to algorithmic stablecoins. Hoskinson sees these stablecoins as a more suitable option for the crypto industry, as they align better with the vision of decentralization in the long term. By exploring and promoting algorithmic stablecoins, Cardano aims to address the issues posed by centralized asset-backed stablecoins and preserve the original ethos of cryptocurrencies.

In a lighthearted comparison, Hoskinson likened the trajectory of Cardano to that of global pop sensation Taylor Swift. He humorously acknowledged that, much like Swift, he himself may not currently be a household name. However, just as Swift ventured from being a niche artist to an internationally recognized figure with immense influence, Cardano has the potential to achieve similar growth and impact on the world stage.

Cardano’s journey in the crypto space is not without its challenges. The perceived fear surrounding its success, the absence of stablecoins on its blockchain, concerns over centralized asset-backed stablecoins, and the deviation from the original mission of financial freedom all pose significant obstacles. However, Cardano remains determined to overcome these hurdles by exploring algorithmic stablecoins and maintaining its commitment to decentralization. Only time will tell whether Cardano will become the Taylor Swift of the blockchain industry or forge its own unique path to success.

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