The Year of the Wood Dragon: MetaStones’ Auction of the Dragon Stone

The Year of the Wood Dragon: MetaStones’ Auction of the Dragon Stone

As the Lunar New Year approaches and the Year of the Wood Dragon begins, people all over the world are eagerly preparing for the festivities. With its promise of new beginnings, this year holds a special allure. However, what truly adds to the excitement is the mysterious MetaStones DAO and its upcoming auction of the mythical digital asset known as the Dragon Stone.

A Symbol of Power and Compassion

In Chinese culture, each new lunar year is associated with one of the 12 zodiac animals. In 2024, it is the turn of the Dragon, a legendary creature known for its representation of power, nobility, and good fortune. Emperors in ancient times recognized the dragon as a symbol of imperial authority, while people today pray to dragon gods for abundance and prosperity. During New Year celebrations, the dragon is seen as a harbinger of good luck.

This particular year, the dragon takes on even greater significance as it coincides with the Year of the Wood Dragon. Wood is associated with growth, health, and imagination, making it the perfect energy to embrace during a time of renewal. The previous Wood Dragon year was in 1964, making this iteration particularly rare and noteworthy. Just as dragons breathe life into the new lunar cycle, the Year of the Wood Dragon promises to ignite new sparks of vitality in our lives, communities, and creative endeavors.

MetaStones is an innovative project that harnesses the power of blockchain and artificial intelligence to connect virtual worlds with physical reality. Inspired by Daoist philosophy, MetaStones envisions a future where the digital and tangible realms uplift and complement each other. At the core of this vision are two key concepts: MetaStones themselves and their guardian entities known as StoneKeepers.

MetaStones are unique digital assets that correspond to specific calendar dates. While they may appear simple at first glance, each MetaStone holds an intricate key to its own rarity. StoneKeepers, on the other hand, serve as protectors and revealers of the MetaStones’ potential. These 365 NFT guardians, varying in rarity, bridge the gap between worlds and manifest the true power of the MetaStones.

The MetaStone DAO, which operates on principles of compassion and humility rooted in Daoism, includes all holders of MetaStones or Stone Keeper NFTs. It is a decentralized autonomous organization that aims to create a positive impact in the world.

To commence its journey, MetaStones introduces a monumental release: the Dragon Stone itself. As the world’s first MetaStone, the Dragon Stone possesses legendary properties that perfectly align with the energies of the Year of the Wood Dragon. Reflecting the auspiciousness of this lunar year, the Dragon Stone features green and gold hues, symbolizing growth and fortune.

The Dragon Stone’s auction marks the first opportunity to become a member of the MetaStones DAO. Its rarity and prestige, coupled with the charitable aspect of the auction, make this an extraordinary event. All proceeds from the Dragon Stone auction will be directed to the MetaStones DAO’s Compassion Treasury, which supports various charitable causes chosen by the DAO. This ensures that from the very beginning, MetaStones aims to make a positive real-world impact.

In addition to the Dragon Stone, the auction will also unveil the Nine. The nine losing bids in the auction will be rewarded with a free StoneKeeper, and all royalties generated from these ten entities will contribute perpetually to the Compassion Treasury.

The auction for the Dragon Stone will commence on February 10th, 2024, which coincides with the second new moon marking the Lunar New Year and the Year of the Dragon. Spanning over several days, the auction will conclude on the 22nd, allowing enthusiasts ample time to participate and secure their place in MetaStones’ Grand DAO.

In a year filled with joy, creativity, and new adventures, the Dragon Stone auction stands as a remarkable event. Blending legendary digital art with a vision of unity and compassion, the Dragon Stone represents the essence of this extraordinary lunar year. Will you be the fortunate one to claim the Dragon Stone and pioneer the collaborative vision of MetaStones, uplifting our global community in the process?


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