ZTX Revolutionizes Virtual Real Estate in Web3 Metaverse

ZTX Revolutionizes Virtual Real Estate in Web3 Metaverse

The upcoming relaunch of the ZTX beta application is set to revolutionize the virtual real estate landscape with the introduction of ZTX Genesis Homes. These unique digital houses, recognized as NFTs, offer homeowners a diverse range of premium real estate options within the vibrant ZTX 3D world. With each house featuring a set of rarity traits, these digital homes have quickly gained popularity on the Arbitrum network, dominating trading volume within a short period of time.

The launch of ZTX Genesis Homes not only provides homeowners with an exclusive real estate opportunity but also integrates them into the ZTX economic ecosystem. Homeowners have already received an initial airdrop of $ZTX tokens and will continue to receive special allocations of token rewards in the future. This further connects their digital property investments with the platform’s growth, offering a unique and rewarding experience for participants.

In addition to launching Genesis Homes, ZTX has plans to enhance the virtual real estate experience for users. Future updates will introduce features such as rentals or loans, aimed at benefiting property owners and the wider community. These enhancements are designed to make digital real estate more accessible and profitable for all users, creating a more inclusive and dynamic virtual environment for participants.

Founded in 2022, ZTX is built upon the technological foundation and intellectual property of ZEPETO, the largest metaverse platform in Asia with over 430 million lifetime users. As the creative economy within ZEPETO continues to evolve, ZTX is well-positioned to meet the emerging needs of creators and communities actively. The platform is dedicated to building an on-chain world that empowers creators and communities to participate more deeply in governance and economics, particularly in the creation and sale of digital assets.

Looking ahead, the forthcoming year promises significant growth for ZTX, with plans to enhance offerings for players, creators, and communities. Anticipated developments include the launch of seasons to refresh the platform’s aesthetics, assets, and gameplay, as well as new tools for creators to forge and distribute their collections of ZTX assets. Social features and competitive portal games are also on the agenda, aiming to foster a more interactive and engaging community experience within the virtual metaverse.

ZTX is at the forefront of revolutionizing virtual real estate in the Web3 metaverse, offering participants a unique and rewarding experience within its vibrant digital world. With the introduction of Genesis Homes and planned enhancements for the future, ZTX is poised for continued growth and innovation in the evolving landscape of digital real estate.


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